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Can I transfer iPhone contents to the iPad?

What is the best way to transfer iPhone files to iPad?

Is this possible to transfer files of iPhone without iTunes?

An iPhone is developed and designed by Apple inc. which is a multimedia enabled smartphone. In iPhone you can store bulk of files such as audio, video, music, images and other documents. If you want to transfer your iphone content to other device, then first of all you have to connect it to computer.

There is no way to transfer your iPhone files and folders directly to the iPad. You need to transfer your files to computer first which can quickly transfer your music, videos and images. With this you can create, edit and delete playlist of iPhone directly to the PC and later on transfer those files to iPad.

Transferring of data is also possible with Apple iTunes which act as the key component in organizing Iphone/iPad/iPod contents. But, it only facilitates single way of transfer. You can just copy to iPhone, ipad, iPod etc and transfer data from PC to the other device.

This iphone to ipad transfer is an efficient. In just few clicks you can easily get your multimedia files from iphone to computer and from computer to ipad.


  • Transfer iphone to ipad is more proficient.
  • Enabled of searching function which offers comfort for the users.
  • It has very improved interface to work.
  • Provides access to iPhone for music, pictures, videos etc.
  • Supports not only iPhone, but also iPod and iPad.
  • Supports Multilanguage.
  • Sophisticated settings supports backup of files and folder.

IPhone to iPad transfer is one of the best at transferring the files between all types of devices, like iPhone, iPad and many others. The iPhone to iPad converter is the excellent choice to transfer iPhone to iPad and files backup.

You can easily transfer iPhone content to iPad by following few simple steps:

  1. Put backup on PC of your iPhone: Via USB cable connect your iPhone to the computer. Select the files in the list that you want to transfer. Choose the destination for exporting files that you want to transfer to your iPad.
  2. Now connect iPad to the PC via USB.
  3. Select the files of iPhone which are stored in the PC and transfer them to connected iPad.


User Guide: How to Use iPad iPad/iPad2 file transfer software on Windows system

Step: 1

Download and install iPad file transfer on your PC. After that, Run it.

Step: 2

Connect your ipad/iPhone. Now, a list of all files gets displayed on your screen. So, select the one that you want to Transfer/copy. Then, finally click on "Copy" button.