iPad TransferTransfer your iPad data

Software for the complete data transfer to and from iPad to Mac

How can I transfer all files and folders from iPad to Mac?

Is there any possibility to transfer data without iTunes?

Dose any software can efficiently transfer iPad data to Mac?

IPad a latest tablet PC by Apple Inc, used for storing bulk of data like image files, music files, video files. Transfer iPad files to and from Mac easily is possible now without using iTunes.

iTunes popped up to sync audio, video, movies, TV shows, images on your Mac, whenever you connect your iPad to Mac. But the question arises how to backup these multimedia files on iPad to Mac? Itunes itself can execute the data backup when synchronized with iPad but the backup created, is very inadequate. The complete backup process is not performed by iTunes.

If you don’t want to lose your crucial data, so it’s a nice option to select the iPad to Mac transfer application. Mac is the world’s most advanced operating system; it is designed to be easy and instinctive. It is highly safe and secure, compatible and easy to operate.

It can keep your transferred data in favorable in several ways such as:

  1. It protects loss of data if any corruption occurred in iPad.
  2. You can enjoy the file sharing amongst friends and family.
  3. Save your precious time, while transferring data with iTunes.

With iPad to Mac transfer tool, you not only transfer iPad audio, video, images, movies, PDF files, podcast and TV shows. But also copy your multiple files of iPad to iTunes. This software has many advanced features to transfer iPad files to Mac:

  • Supports iOS 4.1.
  • Backup iPad files to Mac
  • You can create, edit, delete or rename the files in order to manage them easily.
  • Transfer and copy audio, video, images on iPad to Mac and vice - versa.
  • Software is applicable to all iPad models: iPad Wi-Fi, +3, iPad 16/32/64GB.


Now don’t you worry about the files and backup of your iPad file missing or damaging. All you have to do is to just choose the files that you want to transfer and go for transfer button. This will complete your task automatically. The iPad to Mac transfer software has very easy installation procedure:

  1. Run or install the software.
  2. Connect your iPad to Mac.
  3. Select the files to and from iPad, which you want to transfer.
  4. After selecting click on the transfer button to begin transfer process.
  5. Now, check out the files in iPad and Mac.

Just following few simple steps that are mentioned above, you can transfer all your files.


User Guide: How to Use iPad iPad/iPad2 file transfer software on Windows system

Step: 1

Download and install iPad file transfer on your PC. After that, Run it.

Step: 2

Connect your ipad/iPhone. Now, a list of all files gets displayed on your screen. So, select the one that you want to Transfer/copy. Then, finally click on "Copy" button.