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Advanced application for transferring trash files from iPad

Can I recover files that I moved to trash?

Is any software that restores trash files?

What are the features of iPad trash transfer software?

IPad is designed and created by Apple Inc. It is especially for storing your data such as music, songs, videos, images, web content etc. you can also play games, read books on iPad. It runs on the same operating system as iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Sometimes it happens that the stored data get deleted from the iPad. Though, the data is crucial and important. Loss of data makes you upset and unhappy. You want to get that back at any cost. Because it is possible to get back the deleted data. There are several reasons of data loss from iPad such as: .

  1. Unintentional deletion of files.
  2. Bad or low power supply.
  3. Virus infections.
  4. Hardware or software malfunctioning.
  5. Not proper system shutdown.

Additionally sometimes different types of errors are displayed on the screen, which can’t allow you to access the files. Now, there is not matter of concern. Deleted files go to the trash, which is easily recovered by the iPad Trash Transfer tool.

Regardless of reasons it recovers crucial data in efficient way. This software provides you the easiest platform to restore deleted files from the trash of your iPad. Using iPad Trash Transfer application you can recover files from trash bin, hard disk. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Recovers data from empty trash bin.
  • Provides restoring facilities for all kind of data loss.
  • Backup trash files of iPad.


How to recover trash from iPad in few quick steps:

  1. Install the iPad Trash Transfer software on your PC.
  2. Connect iPad to the PC and click on Browse button to find trash.
  3. Now go for Scan button, which begins the trash scanning.
  4. Later on click Backup button, it will create backup trash and you can simply store them into desired location.


User Guide: How to Use iPad iPad/iPad2 file transfer software on Windows system

Step: 1

Download and install iPad file transfer on your PC. After that, Run it.

Step: 2

Connect your ipad/iPhone. Now, a list of all files gets displayed on your screen. So, select the one that you want to Transfer/copy. Then, finally click on "Copy" button.