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Transfer of iPad to PDF and vice versa

How to transfer iPad files into PDF or vice versa?

Does this software support various operating systems?

What are the key features of iPad PDF transfer software?

PDF (portable document file) is very accepted format for documents and e-books. But unluckily iPad does not support PDF format directly. And if you want to read and work on PDF format over your iPad screen, does like EPUB (electronic publication it a type of e- book format). For doing so you need a software.

iTunes support file sharing from ipad to different storage media, but not very quickly and accurately. For accurate data transfer for ipad pdf file you require special iPad PDF transfer software that gives you perfect result straightforwardly.


This software is powerful and advanced application designed to allows you to transfer popular e-Books, pdf formats between ipad and different storage device without iTunes. It can convert iPad files into PDF formats like e-books and supports PDF and Epub formats to iPad quick and easy way. It has superb transferring speed between iPad, PC and iTunes and conveys the best performance. The software for iPad PDF transfer facilitates you to transfer your preferred e-books on PDF format to iPad.

You also can keep back up PDF e-books in iPad to PC or iTunes. The software provides the best solution to transfer PDF books to iPad without the help of iTunes. The efficient software for iPad PDF transfer has many advanced and unique features such as:

  1. Allows transfer PDF to iPad without iTunes straightforwardly.
  2. It customizes file information. You can customize information of pdf e-books on the iPad using this software.
  3. Transfer iPad to pdf files in group and provides reliable quality.
  4. Backup PDF files in iPad to local computer.
  5. Supports multilingual interface.
  6. Advance searching and grouping ability of iPad files.
  7. Shows additional information of the devices connected like capacity, version and format.
  8. Compatible to various operating systems of Windows.
  9. It has multi lingual interface which is available in French, German, English, Japanese, and Italian etc.
  10. Files in batch can be transferred to save time while transferring ipad to pdf.
  11. Allows editing information of pdf files such as Author and name.


User Guide: How to Use iPad iPad/iPad2 file transfer software on Windows system

Step: 1

Download and install iPad file transfer on your PC. After that, Run it.

Step: 2

Connect your ipad/iPhone. Now, a list of all files gets displayed on your screen. So, select the one that you want to Transfer/copy. Then, finally click on "Copy" button.